Anti-TCRγ/δ antibodies, human

Anti-TCRγ/δ antibodies, human

Clone: 11F2 | Dilution: 1:50
The T cell receptor is a heterodimeric glycoprotein associated with the CD3 antigen. The TCR consists of an α and a β chain (TCRα/β) or a γ and a δ chain (TCRγ/δ). Clone 11F2 reacts with a framework epitope of the γ/δ T cell–receptor. The γ and δ TCR chains are composed of constant and variable regions, each encoded by distinct gene segments. The γ chain forms either disulfide-linked or non-disulfide-linked heterodimers with the δ-subunit.The γ/δ Tcell–receptor is present on a subset of T lymphocytes in peripheral blood, intestinal epithelium, lymph node, thymus, and spleen. TCR γ/δ is involved in the recognition of certain bacterial, self-CD1 molecule, and tumor antigens bound to MHC class I. γ/δ T cells are mainly CD4 negative and CD8 negative. T cells expressing the γ/δ TCR have been shown to play a role in oral tolerance, innate immune response for some tumor cells, and autoimmune disease. Antigen presentation by γ/δ T cells has been reported.

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Technical specifications

  • Antigen: TCRγ/δ
  • Clone: 11F2
  • Isotype: mouse IgG1κ
  • Isotype control: Mouse IgG1 – isotype control antibodies
  • Alternative names of antigen: TRD, TCRD, TCRDV1, TRD@, TCRG, TRG@, TRG
  • Entrez Gene ID: 6965
  • Distribution of antigen: T cells
  • Product format: Reagents are supplied in buffer containing stabilizer and 0.05% sodium azide.
  • Fixation: The antibody is suited for staining of formaldehyde-fixed cells.
  • Storage: Store protected from light at 2–8 °C. Do not freeze.
  • Available conjugates: FITC, PE, APC, VioBlue, PE-Vio770, APC-Vio770, PerCP-Vio700, Biotin
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