Myelin Isolation Beads, human, mouse, rat

Myelin Isolation Beads, human, mouse, rat

Myelin Isolation Beads were developed for the positive selection of myelin particles from single-cell suspensions of human, mouse, or rat tissue, or from cell culture.
Myelin Isolation Beads can be used for the enrichment of myelin debris for subsequent quantitative analysis using a flow cytometer, preferably the MACSQuant

Background information

Myelin, a specialized membrane, ensheathes and insulates axons in the peripheral and central nervous system. In mice and rats, myelination begins around birth in the spinal cord and is completed in the brain during the first postnatal month. In humans, myelin formation starts during the second half of fetal life in the spinal cord, peaks during the first year postnatally and can continue until twenty years of age.
The Myelin Isolation Beads allow the enrichment of myelin particles from a single-cell suspension for quantitative determination of the myelin amount, which is of particular interest for de- and remyelination studies.


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