Neural cells

Isolation of neural cells

  • Fast: Isolation of neural cells in as little as one hour
  • Easier and more gentle to cells than flow sorting or immuno-panning
  • Optimal recovery and very high purity of viable cells

Neural cells are typically very sensitive cells. Therefore, it is important, not only to use techniques which are very gentle, but also techniques which reduce any manipulation time to a minimum. MACS® Technology is both gentle and quick and so ideally suited for the isolation of neural cell populations.

Download our neuroscience brochure showcasing our integrated solutions for neuroscience research. You can also download a list of publications which demonstrate the effectiveness of MACS Technology in neuroscience applications.

Profit from MACS® Technology for the effective and rapid isolation of mouse and human neural progenitors. For further information that demonstrates this, simply download a MACS&more article by T. Florio and G. Corte on the isolation of a CD133+ tumor-initiating cell subpopulation from human glioblastoma samples.

Isolate neuronal committed precursor cells from human, mouse, or rat with ease using Anti-PSA-NCAM MicroBeads. Discover the benefits first hand by reading a related report by R. Seidenfaden et al.  entitled: Purification of neuronal precursors. 

The Retinal Ganglion Cell Isolation Kit, rat, is the optimal tool to isolate CD90.1+ RGCs. Read the report by Pfrieger et al. to find out more.

Now, for the first time, astrocytes can be directly isolated according to their expression of GLAST. Anti-GLAST (ACSA-1) MicroBeads are based on the first antibody developed specifically for an extracellular epitope of the astrocyte transmembrane glycoprotein GLAST, and are used for the direct isolation of GLAST-expressing astrocytes from rats or mice younger than postnatal day 7.

  • GLAST is a specific cell surface marker for astrocyte identification and isolation.
  • Direct isolation of astrocytes in less than one hour.
  • High purity, minimizing contamination by other cells.

Read our scientific poster presented at FENS 2010: “Magnetic isolation of astrocytes using a new GLAST-specific monoclonal antibody.”

Microglia can be efficiently isolated using CD11b (Microglia) MicroBeads. CD11b is widely used as a marker for the identification of microglia and is suitable for the immunomagnetic isolation of microglia from mouse brain.

Download reports by Harms and Tansey on the isolation of primary microglia and by R. Marek et al. on the simultaneous isolation of highly pure astrocytes and microglia.
Download a research poster and find out how to obtain microglia with high purity
Anti-O4 MicroBeads have been developed for the isolation of human, mouse, or rat O4+ immature oligodendrocytes. Achieve a Schwann cell purity of around 95% in only a couple of hours using CD271 MicroBead Kits.
Glial-restricted precursor cells can be efficiently isolated according to their expression of A2B5 using Anti-A2B5 MicroBeads.

Download a report by Vroemen and Weidner on the purification of Schwann cells from adult peripheral nerve by selecting cells expressing CD271. 
Download a report by Seidenfaden et al. and discover how you can conveniently purify neuronal precursor
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