Monocytes and macrophages

MicroBead Technology for column-based magnetic cell isolation with minimal labeling.

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  • Isolation of viable monocytes for reliable in vitro differentiation
  • Pure monocytes for consistent Mo-DC generation
  • Translational: CD14+ monocytes for research use or clinical setting

As antigen-presenting cells, monocytes take up and process antigen and modulate the immune system by cytokine secretion. Moreover, monocytes have the potential to differentiate into other cells, e.g., macrophages and dendritic cells (DCs). Therefore, pure monocytes are an indispensable tool for ex vivo differentiation and detailed studies on macrophage and DC function.

Choose from the largest portfolio of monocyte isolation products to obtain pure monocytes and monocyte subsets.

- Purify CD14+ monocytes by positive selection in research or clinical grade.
- Monocytes isolated with CD14 MicroBeads can be reliably used for gene expression profiling.
- Pure monocytes ensure homogenous Mo-DC populations.
- Obtain untouched pan monocytes with unmatched purity and yield.
- Efficiently isolate CD16+ monocytes or other subsets for detailed analysis.

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