Indirect CD34 MicroBead Kit, human

Indirect CD34 MicroBead Kit, human

The Indirect CD34 MicroBead Kit was developed for the isolation of CD34
precursor cells, using a two-step procedure involving indirect magnetic labeling from
  • peripheral blood
  • bone marrow
  • leukapheresis product
  • cord blood
  • differentiated-ES and iPS cells
Even faster, one-step isolation of CD34
cells can be achieved with the CD34 MicroBead Kit.

Background information

CD34 is a well-established marker of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and additionally expressed on hemangioblasts
, endothelial progenitor cells
, and mature endothelial cells

Detailed separation procedure

First, cells are labeled with the hapten-modified CD34 primary antibody QBEND/10
. In a second step, antibody-labeled cells are magnetically labeled with Anti-Hapten MicroBeads.
Control staining of cells isolated with the Indirect CD34 MicroBead Kit requires a monoclonal CD34 antibody other than QBEND/10, e.g. clone AC136

Downstream applications

  • Transplantation of CD34+ cells into humanized mouse models
  • Expansion and differentiation in culture
  • Reprogramming of CD34+ HSCs into iPS cells
  • Differentiation of ES or iPS cell-derived CD34+ -derived precursors into endothelial or hematopoietic lineages
  • Evaluation of differentiation potential in CFU assays
  • Characterization of surface marker expression by flow cytometry.


MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
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Indirect CD34 MicroBead Kit, human

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