Anti-Ly-6G MicroBead Kit, mouse

Anti-Ly-6G MicroBead Kit, mouse

The Anti-Ly-6G MicroBead Kit was developed for positive selection or depletion of mouse neutrophils from single-cell suspensions of lymphoid tissues.

Background information

Ly-6G is highly expressed on neutrophils, at lower levels on a subset of eosinophils, and transiently during developmental stages on monocytes. For separation, neutrophils are indirectly magnetically labeled with Anti-Ly-6G-Biotin and Anti-Biotin MicroBeads. The Anti-Ly-6G MicroBead Kit has been optimized for isolation of Ly-6G
-expressing cells.

Downstream applications

cells isolated with the Anti-Ly-6G MicroBead Kit are suitable for
in vitro
analysis, coculture or adoptive transfer experiments.


For positive selection: MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
Columns. For depletion: LD, D, or autoMACS Columns.
Product options: 1

Anti-Ly-6G MicroBead Kit, mouse

for 2×
total cells