Anti-XCR1 MicroBead Kit (Spleen), mouse

Anti-XCR1 MicroBead Kit (Spleen), mouse

The Anti-XCR1 MicroBead Kit (Spleen) is designed to isolate XCR1
cross-presenting dendritic cells from mouse splenocytes.
Cross-presenting CD8
conventional dendritic cells (cDCs) play a pivotal role in the induction of protective cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses that are vital for the eradication of cancer and viral infections. In the past, studies of CD8
cDCs have been hampered by their scarcity and the lack of specific cell surface markers. Therefore, methods for the detection and isolation of these cells were commonly based on a multitude of immunophenotypic criteria, including the expression of CD11c and CD8 and the absence of CD3, CD4, SIRP-α, and CD11b. Recently, it was demonstrated that cross-presenting cDCs in lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues specifically express the two receptors Clec9-α and XCR1. The expression of the latter has been correlated with the ability to take up and cross-present exogenous antigens.

Downstream applications

Cross-presenting dendritic cells isolated with Anti-XCR1 MicroBead Kit (Spleen) can be used for antigen uptake and antigen processing assays, T cell activation or T cell tolerance induction, cross-priming of cytotoxic T cells, or T helper cell polarization.
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