• Exclusive DC isolation tools based on BDCA-2 and BDCA-4 expression
  • Easy isolation of DCs from mouse tissue
  • Most comprehensive portfolio available for DC research
Dendritic cells (DCs) are a rare cell type compared to other hematological cells, such as T cells, B cells, or granulocytes. They play a key role in immunity as the link between innate and adaptive immunity and as the most potent antigen-presenting cell type.
Miltenyi Biotec is both an accomplished provider of DC research tools and an active contributor to DC research. The blood dendritic cell antigens (BDCAs) and their usefulness for DC analysis and isolation have been first described by researchers at Miltenyi Biotec.

Based on our long-standing experience and expertise in the DC field, we continue to provide both basic and clinical researchers with innovative tools and the largest DC portfolio. 

Dendritic cells

MicroBead Technology for column-based magnetic cell isolation with minimal labeling.
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