Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles

Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles

Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles have been developed for the depletion of cells labeled with biotinylated primary antibodies. They are, for example, suitable for depletion of non-target cells from lymphoid tissue. Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles can also be used for two-step magnetic separation by an initial depletion with Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles followed by positive selection with MACS

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Anti-Biotin MACSiBead™ Particles consist of MACSiBead Particles covalently coupled to anti-biotin antibodies. MACSiBead Particles are superparamagnetic beads of 3.5 μm diameter. They are not biodegradable. The monodisperse, hydrophilic MACSiBead Particles show no autofluorescence. Magnetic separation is performed using the MACSiMAG™ Separator.
MACSiBead Particles are
suitable for separations using MACS Columns and MiniMACS™, MidiMACS™, VarioMACS™, SuperMACS™, or autoMACS
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