Any cell type

Isolate any cell type – from any species

  • Take full advantage of MACS® Technology even if there is currently no MicroBead available that is specific to your cell type
  • Use the antibody of your choice to isolate any cell type
  • Flexibility to design the experiment according to your specific needs
Discover the power of indirect magnetic labeling for your specific cell separation needs
 All you need is an antibody specific to your cell type of interest. Combine this antibody with one of the following MicroBeads for indirect magnetic labeling to allow for gentle isolation of viable cells using proven and tested MACS Technology.

- Anti-Fluorochrome MicroBeads: for separations with fluorochrome-conjugated primary antibodies
- Anti-Biotin MicroBeads, Streptavidin MicroBeads: for separations with biotinylated primary antibodies
- Monoclonal or polyclonal Anti-Ig MicroBeads: for separations with unconjugated primary antibodies

Interested in bulk cell depletion?
Anti-Biotin MACSiBead™ Particles allow you to deplete cells labeled with biotinylated primary antibodies.
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