MACSxpress® Technology

Fastest cell isolation from whole blood

  • Go from whole blood to pure cells within 20 minutes
  • No centrifugation required
  • Minimal labeling prevents activation of target cells
MACSxpress Technology is an innovative cell separation platform specially designed for processing large volumes of anticoagulated whole blood. It is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to isolate viable and functional immune cells directly from blood – without the need for centrifugation. 

Micro-sized MACSxpress Beads allow for minimal labeling to prevent non-specific targeting and activation of your cells of interest. Non-target cells are removed by immunomagnetic depletion, while erythrocytes are sedimented to yield target cells of exceptional purity.


MACSxpress® – The faster whole blood cell isolation technology

MACSxpress Technology: Isolation of untouched leukocytes from up to 30 mL of freshly drawn anticoagulated whole blood without density gradient centrifugation. Erythrocytes are aggregated and sedimented, while non-target cells are removed by immunomagnetic depletion with MACSxpress Beads.

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Easy and fast cell isolation from whole blood with MACSxpress Technology


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