PepTivator MAGE-A4, human

PepTivator MAGE-A4, human

MAGE-A4 is a pool of lyophilized peptides, consisting mainly of 15-mer sequences with 11 amino acids overlap, covering the complete sequence of the human MAGE-A4 protein (UniProt ID: P43358).
PepTivator peptide pools have been developed for the efficient
in vitro
stimulation of antigen–specific T cells, as peptides of 15 amino acids in length and 11 amino acids overlap represent an optimized solution for stimulating both CD4
and CD8
T cells in various applications.
Quantitative, phenotypical, or functional analysis of MAGE-A4–specific T cell immunity can provide important information on the natural course of immune responses.

Background information

MAGE-A4 (Melanoma-associated antigen 4) belongs to the cancer-testis family of antigens, which are highly expressed in male germ cells but generally not in other normal tissues. Aberrant expression of MAGE-A4 is found in variable proportions of different solid and hematological tumors. MAGE-A4 was described to be an attractive antigen to monitor anti-tumor T cell responses and to be used for immunotherapeutic interventions.

Downstream applications

in vitro
stimulation of MAGE-A4–specific CD4
and CD8
T cells with PepTivator MAGE-A4 causes the secretion of effector cytokines and the up-regulation of activation markers, such as CD154 or CD137. These cytokines or activation markers then allow the detection and isolation of MAGE-A4–specific T cells.
  • Detection and analysis of MAGE-A4–specific CD4+ and CD8+ effector/memory T cells in PBMCs by MACS® Cytokine Secretion Assays, intracellular cytokine staining, or other technologies.
  • Isolation of viable MAGE-A4–specific CD4+ T cells with the CD154 MicroBead Kit, or of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells using the CD137 MicroBead Kit or MACS Cytokine Secretion Assay – Cell Enrichment and Detection Kits. Subsequently, cells can be expanded for generation of T cell lines.
  • Generation of MAGE-A4–specific CD4+ and CD8+ effector/memory T cells from naive T cell populations for research on immunotherapy and vaccination.
  • Pulsing of antigen-presenting cells for research on dendritic cell vaccination.
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