MACS Neuro Medium

MACS Neuro Medium

MACS Neuro Medium is a serum-free cell culture medium, which promotes optimum growth and long-term survival of cells from the mouse, rat, or human central or peripheral nervous system (CNS or PNS, respectively).¹
MACS Neuro Medium has been optimized for the culture of neural cells after tissue dissociation using Neural Tissue Dissociation Kits and subsequent cell isolation using magnetic cell sorting. Supplemented with the appropriate growth factors and supplements, MACS Neuro Medium is suitable for the formation of neurospheres (neurosphere assay) from magnetically isolated neural progenitor/ stem cells as well as for the culture of magnetically sorted neuronal and glial precursor or differentiated cells from various tissues of the developing postnatal and adult nervous system. MACS NeuroBrew-21 is recommended for low-density plating, long-term viability, and growth of CNS and PNS neural cells.
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