Premium-grade cytokines

Start benefiting from lot-specific activity of your cytokines now!

  • No lot-to-lot testing needed, saving time and costs
  • Apply the same amount of active cytokine every time for reproducible results
  • Efficient reagent usage without the need for oversaturation
To overcome cytokine variability, you could perform time-consuming lot-to-lot testing. But why should you waste time and money on something we have already done for you? With MACS Premium-Grade Cytokines you get the specific activity value for each lot.

Culture is key for reliable and comparable results

Cell culture experiments are always subject to a certain degree of variability. Therefore, calibration with a defined standard is done to normalize results and minimize variability. One way to compare biological activities of products from different vendors is to normalize cellular assays with a defined international standard, e.g., from the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC).


Human GM-CSF biological activity varies between
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Apply the same amount of active protein in every experiment to be sure that effects are real and not due to variable cytokine concentration. Even when samples are measured in parallel, using the same assay, the same batch of cells, and the same set of conditions, a cytokine’s specific biological activity can depend on the vendor and lot that is used. Therefore, we always provide  the lot-specific activity with our premium-grade cytokines.

Cost savings

Efficient cytokine usage with specific unit-dosing. 
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Due to variable cytokine activity, experiments are often oversaturated. With the given lot-specific activity, you can use cytokines at precise concentrations and save reagents. Knowing the exact cytokine activity, you can use the optimal amount of cytokine in your experiment and save up to 10-fold.

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