FeraSpin R

FeraSpin R

FeraSpin R is a nanoparticulate superparamagnetic iron oxide contrast agent specifically formulated for pre-clinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
It is a contrast agent of high relaxivity enhancing the contrast in T2- and T2*-weighted MRI due to a shortening of the spin-spin relaxation time (T2).
Upon intravenous injection, FeraSpin R is rapidly taken up by the Kupffer cells (macrophages of the liver) resulting in a short blood half-life of a few minutes. FeraSpin R accumulates particularly in the liver and spleen and is degraded with its iron being transferred into the physiological iron stores.


FeraSpin R is indicated for use in MRI of small animals, for example mice, to facilitate the visualization of the liver and spleen.
Examples include imaging of liver tumors and metastases.SPIO nanoparticles like FeraSpin R can also be useful for detection of bone marrow metastases.
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