MACS® GMP activation and expansion tools

Polyclonal T cell activation and expansion

  • Ex vivo polyclonal activation and expansion of T cells and Treg cells
  • Setting the stage for automated production of engineered T cells
  • Manufactured and controlled in accordance with GMP guidelines

Polyclonal activation and expansion of T cells serves to obtain increased numbers of effector cells or may be required to improve gene modification. The nano-sized polymeric matrix (T Cell TransAct™), soluble antibodies, as well as antibody-coated cell-sized particles (ExpAct Treg Kit) are suitable for the polyclonal T cell activation and expansion. Conjugated to humanized recombinant CD3 and CD28 agonists, the nanomatrix MACS GMP T Cell TransAct can be sterile filtered and is tailor-made for the use in automated culture in combination with the CliniMACS Prodigy® Instrument.

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