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Everything you need to study
adult neural cells in vitro 

Whether you work with astrocytes, neurons, oligodendrocytes, microglia or endothelial cells, it has never been easier! 


Adult brain workflow - technology and introduction 

In this MACS Academy webinar we explain our technologies and provide you with background information on our adult brain workflow.

• Standardized, gentle adult brain dissociation with gentleMACS™ Technology
• Fast and easy neural cell isolation with MACS® MicroBeads
• Serum-free neural cell culture with MACS NeuroBrew®-21 and MACS Neuro Media

Adult brain workflow - results and data

Download our poster and see what is possible when using the adult brain workflow. 
• Viable single-cell suspensions free of debris and erythrocytes
• Highly purified and functional target cells, ready for sensitive downstream experiments
• Reproducible and user-independent results

We also provide step-by-step protocols for isolation and cultivation of:

More data, videos, and protocols

video preview

Tools for astrocyte research

Learn about our tools to characterize astrocytes
video preview

How to isolate pure and viable adult microglia

Watch the video and learn about microglia isolation

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