MACSima™ Imaging Platform 
user training

This two-day training course covers the basics of working with the MACSima Imaging Platform. Consisting of both theoretical and practical modules, participants will learn how to plan and execute a MICS (MACSima Imaging Cyclic Staining) experiment, as well as receive basic training in the fundamentals of data analysis with our powerful Qi Tissue™ Image Analysis Software.


Course lectures and hands-on sessions include: 

  • Introduction to the MACSima Imaging Platform  
  • Sample preparation and experimental planning 
  • Introduction to the operating software   
  • Small experiment execution 
  • Introduction to data handling and Qi Tissue Image Analysis Software 

Learning objectives

  • Understand the principles of ultra high content imaging  
  • Be able to perform sample preparation, experimental planning, and preparation of antibody panels 
  • Be able to operate the MACSima Imaging System with its operating software  
  • Be able to set up and start a MICS experiment   
  • Understand the possibilities for data handling through a grounding in the basic capabilities of Qi Tissue Image Analysis Software 

MACS Academy locations and training dates 

  • Please contact us for available training dates

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