MACSprep™ Portfolio

Direct cell preparation for pre-diagnostic research*

  • Simple and direct target cell enrichment for HLA, chimerism, and multiple myeloma analysis
  • Rapid cell isolation directly from samples without density gradient centrifugation or erythrocyte lysis
  • Optimized sample preparation procedure ideal for routine diagnosis research 

Our MACSprep™ Portfolio has been optimized for the enrichment of target cells directly from samples without time-consuming density gradient centrifugation or erythrocyte lysis. The enriched cells are suitable for various diagnostic analysis, such as flow cytometry, sequencing, or cytogenetic studies. With the minimal hands-on sample preparation procedure, the user safety of operating samples from unknown origin can be also enhanced. All MACSprep Products yield highly pure and viable cells for significant and reproducible results. The streamlined automated cell isolation solution is also compatible with MACSprep Products.

* For research use only.

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