MACS® Technology – Select the best

Select the best for magnetic cell separation of your cells. 

This webinar introduces the basic principle of MACS® Technology for cell isolation based on our MACS columns and MACS MicroBeads, as well as its advantages and benefits. Discover what makes MACS® Technology unique and why it is the best choice for isolating your cells. 

Learn about our MACS Technology portfolio providing a broad range of options for the isolation of virtually any cell type: our reagent portfolio and cell separation instruments will be introduced to show that there is a perfect solution for every cell isolation need.  

Presenter: Kristina Kremer, Miltenyi Biotec, Germany

This webinar took place on March 19 & 21, 2019. 


MACS Academy: The basics of magnetic cell separation with MACS® Technology

Learn the basics of MACS® Technology for magnetic cell separation and discover why it is the best choice for isolation of viable and functional cells. Get to know all solutions of the MACS Cell Separation portfolio providing a broad range of reagents, instruments, and strategies for the fast and gentle isolation of cells from virtually any cell type.