UltraMicroscope II user training

This 2-day training course introduces the UltraMicroscope II. This light sheet system enables to image large tissue samples or even entire organs and it was designed to be combatible with all currently used clearing protocols.   
During this course, the alignment, the usage, the cleaning and the operation of the microscope will be explained. In addition, the operating software is shown, and data handling will be discussed. 


Course lectures and hands-on sessions include: 

  • Introduction and handling of the UltraMicroscope II 
  • Sample handling 
  • Introduction into the operating software and data handling 

Learning objectives

  • Understand the principles of light sheet microscopy  
  • Be able to operate the UltraMicroscope II and the ImSpector software  
  • Be able to align the UltraMicroscope II  
  • Be able to mount samples in the microscope   
  • Be able to set up a measurement  
  • Understand the possibilities of data handling and simple analysis tools  

MACS Academy locations and training dates 

  • Please contact us for available training dates

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