Engineering the future of automated flow cytometry

  • Automated instrument calibration, compensation, and multisample processing
  • Auto-labeling capabilities for fully walk-away flow cytometric analyses
  • Hassle-free housekeeping with automated startup, cleaning, and shutdown

Powerful, compact, and convenient

Innovation is at the core of each MACSQuant Instrument, offering automated flow cytometry solutions for a diverse array of appliations. With three lasers and up to sixteen optical channels, multiparametric flow cytometry assays can be performed for a wide range of sophisticated phenotypic analyses and functional studies, such as rare cell analysis, toxicological assays and proliferation studies on a variety of sample types, including whole blood, cell lines, exosomes and yeast cells.

In addition, the extremely small foot-print design with integrated computer and monitor, makes all our flow cytometers real benchtop instruments.

Hassle-free housekeeping

MACSQuant Flow Cytometers have been designed to automate and optimize routine housekeeping procedures such as cleaning cycles, startup, and shutdown.

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Auto-clean and shutdown on the MACSQuant Analyzer

With automatic clean and shutdown programs available on the MACSQuant Analyzer, there is no need to stand-by until your experiment is finished.

Automated instrument calibration and compensation

MACSQuant Calibration Beads are specially developed for automated optimization of channel voltage settings to ensure consistently high performance. Single-stained cells or compensation beads can be used for fully automated compensation.

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Auto-calibration on the MACSQuant Analyzer

The automated calibration feature of the MACSQuant Analyzer saves time, is simple to operate, and ensures optimal and consistent instrument performance.

Automated sampling of up to 384 wells

Place your samples and walk away

Benefit from a complete automated solution for sample processing: from sample labeling and uptake, to data acquisition and analysis, up to 384 samples can be processed in a single run. Labeling proceeds completely automated using optimized incubation times and titers (e.g. PI, 7AAD, and antibody staining). The entire process is streamlined to deliver walk-away flow cytometric analysis. 

In addition, all MACSQuant Analyzers are capable of intergrating into a versatile array of lab robotics and liquid handling systems for around-the-clock processing and in-lab automation workflows.

As easy as 1, 2, 3
1. Scan reagents using the barcode reader. The MACSQuantify™ Software automatically identifies the correct staining protocols to minimize operator error.

2. Place reagents and samples onto the MACS MiniSampler. Samples are kept cool by MACS Chill Racks, thereby maintaining specimen integrity.

3. Instruct the MACSQuantify Software to perform the desired analysis and press 'Start'.

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96-well flow cytometry analysis on the MACSQuant Analyzer 10/16 and VYB

The MACSQuant Analyzer facilitates analysis of up tp 96 samples in a single run; ideally suited for large-scale assays and high-throughput screening.

Integrated MACS Column

Focus on the cells you desire

An integrated MACS Column enables rapid pre-enrichment of rare cells prior to flow analysis on the  MACSQuant Analyzer 10, MACSQuant Analyzer 16 and MACSQuant VYB. The entire procedure is accomplished in just a few simple steps, helping you to save time without compromising on the quality and sensitivity of your rare cell analyses.

Choose from a wide selection of kits and reagents optimized for efficient identification and enumeration of numerous cell types and their subsets, including: 

  • dendritic cells
  • endothelial progenitor cells
  • cancer stem cells
  • cytokine-secreting cells
  • antigen-specific T cells
  • circulating tumor cells
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Hands-on MACS MicroBead Technology

MACS MicroBead Technology has become the standard method for cell separation. More than 18,000 publications have proven its versatility: cell separations with consistent high-quality results from lab bench to clinical applications, from small to large scale, from frequently occurring cells to rare cells and sophisticated subsets.

Integrated auto-labeling of up to 384 wells

The missing step from a fully automated flow cytometry assay

All of our MACSQuant Flow Cytometers have an auto-labeling function that drastically reduces the amount of time you have to spend pipetting. Simply scan reagents using the barcode reader. The MACSQuantify Software automatically identifies the correct staining protocols and minimizes user error.

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Auto-labeling on the MACSQuant Analyzer

The auto-labeling feature of the MACSQuant Analyzer eliminates the time-consuming step of manual cell staining, streamlines your flow cytometry analysis, and provides higher accuracy.

Absolute cell counts

Say goodbye to counting beads and hello to volumetric counting

Every MACSQuant Instrument is equipped with precise fluidics systems that enables automated and accurate uptake of sample volumes, i.e., volumetric pipetting. This provides several distinctive advantages over conventional flow cytometers:

  • Speed: absolute cell counts in real time with the completion of your sample.
  • Cost-effectiveness: no need for expensive counting beads or particles.
  • Ease of use: results at the touch of the button. The counting operation is integrated into each and every automated cell analysis.
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Absolute cell counting on the MACSQuant Analyzer

It is often necessary to know the exact number of cells in a sample for downstream applications. For ease of use, the MACSQuant Analyzer quickly performs absolute cell counting without the need for counting beads or cell staining.


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MACSQuant Flow Cytometers – Engineering the future of automation

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The MACSQuant X – Reliable high-throughput flow cytometry

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Flow cytometry solutions – The MACSQuant VYB

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