Whole Blood Starting Kits

Whole Blood Starting Kits

The Whole Blood Starting Kits provides indispensable equipment for the separation of leukocyte subsets directly from anticoagulated human whole blood or bone marrow.
The Kits contains Whole Blood Columns and Whole Blood Column Elution Buffer, a MidiMACS or QuadroMACS Separator, a MultiStand to attach the separator, an Acrylic Tube Rack and one unit Whole Blood MicroBeads of choice.

Background information

Whole Blood Columns in combination with Whole Blood MicroBeads allow cell separation directly from whole blood, without density-gradient centrifugation and erythrocyte lysis. Optimal flow rates of whole blood samples during cell separation are achieved by a specially developed two-layer column matrix. The matrix is covered with a cell-friendly coating.
Separator contains a powerful permanent magnet that induce a high-gradient magnetic field within MACS Columns – a field strong enough to retain cells labeled with even small amounts of MACS MicroBeads, leaving enough epitopes free for concurrent antibody staining.
With the MidiMACS Separator you can perform one separation, with the QuadroMACS Separator you can perform up to four separations in parallel.
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Whole Blood MidiMACS Starting Kit

SGD 2,094.00

Whole Blood QuadroMACS Starting Kit

SGD 2,888.00