MACS® Cell Culture and Stimulation

 Cell culture is key

  • High-quality specialty media and serum-free media
  • Products for immune cells, stem cells, neural cells, and tumor cells
  • Antigens, cytokines, and media – up to MACS GMP Grade

Our cell culture and stimulation portfolio comprises a specialized and versatile range of cell culture media and reagents for the stimulation, expansion, and/or differentiation of human and mouse primary cells, including immune cells, stem cells, neural cells, and tumor cells.
Small molecules and reprogramming reagents are available for stem cell research, and we offer chemically defined specialty media for the production of recombinant proteins in eukaryotic cell lines. Selected antigens, recombinant cytokines, and cell culture media are produced according to relevant GMP guidelines, enabling a seamless transition into clinical research.

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