Multi-8 & Multi-96 Columns

Multi-8 & Multi-96 Columns

Multi-8 Columns and Multi-96 Columns are designed for analytical scale isolations in proteomics and molecular biology applications in combination with MultiMACS M96 Separators and MultiMACS Kits. These include kits for isolation of epitope-tagged proteins and their interaction partners or protein complexes, mRNA, specific nucleic acid sequences, and HIV-1. Multi-8 and Multi-96 Columns are arranged in microtiter plate formats allowing easy integration into the workflow of a liquid handling system.

Column capacity

Each column of the Multi-8 or Multi-96 Columns is capable of handling cell lysates derived from up to 10
cells. Please refer also to the MultiMACS Kit datasheet for details on column capacities.

Background information

Multi-8 and Multi-96 Columns are designed for automated molecular biology and protein biochemistry applications. Prior to use, the columns are placed in MultiMACS M96 Separator, which induces a strong magnetic field within the columns. Molecules labeled with the extremely small MACS MicroBeads are retained on the columns, whereas unlabeled material can be efficiently washed away.
A Multi-8 Column consists of a sterile packed strip carrying eight columns. The column strips enable a flexible number of parallel isolations to be carried out in multiples of eight, up to a maximum of 96 isolations. Up to 12 Multi-8 Columns fit into a MultiColumn Frame.
A Multi-96 Column consists of 12 strips, each strip carrying eight columns, assembled in a frame and sterile packed together with a Deep Well Block.
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