Neonatal Heart Dissociation Kit, mouse and rat

Neonatal Heart Dissociation Kit, mouse and rat

The Neonatal Heart Dissociation Kit has been developed for the gentle and rapid generation of single-cell suspensions from neonatal mouse and rat heart tissue. The kit is optimized for high yield of cardiomyocytes, while preserving important cell surface epitopes. It is designed for the time-saving and reproducible preparation of single-cell suspensions in combination with the gentleMACS™ Dissociators.

Background information

The standardized dissociation of neonatal mouse and rat hearts is achieved by a combination of enzymatic and mechanical dissociation. After dissociation the sample is applied to a filter to remove larger particles and the cells are immediately ready for downstream applications.


The Neonatal Heart Dissociation Kit, mouse and rat, has been optimized for downstream cultivation of beating cardiomyocytes. However, a wide range of cell types can be obtained for subsequent cultivation, including cardiac fibroblasts, cardiac progenitors, and endothelial cells. Additional downstream applications include enumeration and phenotyping of individual cell populations by flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy.
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