MACS® Imaging and Microscopy 

Our growing MACS® Imaging and Microscopy portfolio offers versatile, high-quality imaging solutions to study complex biological systems. 
From MICS (MACSima™ Imaging Cyclic Staining) technology which smashes the limitations of high-content imaging, and the UltraMicroscope Blaze™ Light Sheet Imaging System, which enables automated 3D imaging from an entire cleared mouse down to multiple organs on a subcellular level, through to the TriM Scope™ Multiphoton Microscopes allowing in vivo imaging deep into tissue at subcellular resolution. A growing portfolio of recombinant antibodies pre-validated for fluorescence microscopy completes the offering. Our products open new avenues of study to help guide you towards understanding nature’s complexity. 

MACS Imaging and Microscopy portfolio 

Applications for MACS Imaging and Microscopy

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