Melanoma Cell Enrichment and Detection Kit, human

Melanoma Cell Enrichment and Detection Kit, human

The Melanoma Cell Enrichment and Detection Kit was developed for the enrichment of melanoma cells with Anti-Melanoma (MCSP) MicroBeads and subsequent immunocytochemical detection with the melanoma-specific Anti-Melanoma (MCSP)-Alkaline Phosphatase from blood, bone marrow, and lymphoid tissue of patients with stage I–IV melanoma

Background information

The Anti-Melanoma (MCSP) MicroBeads, clone 9.2.27, and the Anti-Melanoma (MCSP)-Alkaline Phosphatase, clone EP1, bind to different epitopes of the melanoma-associated chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan (MCSP). MCSP is also known as high molecular weight melanoma-associated antigen, or NG2, which is expressed on melanoma cells but not on carcinoma cells, fibroblastoid cells, or cells of hematopoietic origin.

Detailed procedure

Cells are labeled with Anti-Melanoma MicroBeads and positively selected on a first separation column. Then, melanoma cells are immobilized within a second MACS® Column and stained immunocytochemically with Anti-Melanoma (MCSP)-Alkaline Phosphatase. During the entire staining procedure, the cells remain within the magnetic field of the column. Thus, cell loss is minimized. After elution from the column, cells are fixed, transferred onto a microscope slide, incubated with the substrate, and are then ready for analysis by light microscopy.


For enrichment and in-column staining: MS Columns.
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