Inside Stain Kit

Inside Stain Kit

The Inside Stain Kit contains reagents for the fixation and permeabilization of cells for intracellular staining, for example for flow cytometric evaluation. The kit was also optimized to function in combination with MACS
Typical applications of the Inside Stain Kit include:
  • Intracellular staining of cytokine producing cells for cytokine detection by flow cytometry
  • Intracellular staining of enriched cells, e.g., CD138+ cells for detection of intracellular kappa/lambda light chains, or melanoma cells for detection of Melan A expression
  • Intracellular staining of other cells enriched using MACS Technology

Background information

The Inside Stain Kit and the newly developed protocol for solid-phase intracellular staining allow the fast, easy, and efficient staining of cells while they are immobilized within a MACS Column during separation. Thus, extra centrifugation steps are unnecessary, minimizing cell loss. Typically, separated cells eluted from the first column are fixed in suspension by adding Inside Fix. After direct application of the cells to a second column, permeabilization and staining reagents are added. The column is then removed from the magnetic field and the stained cells are eluted and directly analyzed. This solid-phase, intracellular staining requires only very small volumes of staining reagents. Optimal staining in combination with MACS Technology can be achieved on MS Columns.


For enrichment and in-column staining: MS Columns.
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Inside Stain Kit

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