Benefit from automated flow cytometry on MACSQuant® Analyzers

  • Automated instrument calibration, compensation, and multisample processing
  • Automated cell-labeling capabilities for fully walk-away flow cytometric analyses
  • Automated startup, cleaning, and shutdown for hassle-free housekeeping

Robotic automation for operator-free flow cytometry

Seamless integration into laboratory robotic systems.
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Flow cytometry is a powerful tool for cell quantitation and analysis across a wide range of clinical and research applications. However, its application in high-throughput settings is often perceived to be challenging as operators need to have a deep technical understanding of the technology, and instruments typically demand significant supervision to run successful experiments. 

MACSQuant Analyzers are designed to take the burden off instrument operators and streamline time-consuming workflows by integrating sophisticated and reliable robotic automation. 

Hassle-free housekeeping

MACSQuant Flow Cytometers have been designed to automate and optimize routine housekeeping procedures such as instrument start-up, calibration, cleaning, and shutdown.

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Auto-clean and shutdown on the MACSQuant Analyzer

With automatic calibration, cleaning, and shutdown programs available on MACSQuant Analyzers, there’s no need to babysit until your experiment is finished.

Automatic flow cytometric compensation

Fluorescence compensation is often regarded as a daunting and tedious task. MACSQuant Flow Cytometers have been designed to automate compensation accurately and reliably using either single-stained cells or beads.

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Automated compensation

The automated compensation feature of MACSQuant Analyzers saves time, is simple to operate, and ensures optimal and consistent instrument performance.


Automatic sample handling, from single tubes to 384-well plates

Irrespective of sample format, MACSQuant Analyzers facilitate automated processing of single tubes, 24-tube racks, 96-well, and 384-well plates. Integration of plate hotels and liquid handling stations enables true high-throughput analysis.

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Flexible sample handling

See how straightforward it is to switch between different sample formats, integrated plate hotels, and liquid handling stations with MACSQuant Analyzers. 


Automated and integrated cell staining

Compound-screening and toxicology applications of flow cytometry often require high sample-throughput. However, reliable and reproducible results are rarely obtained without ensuring samples are equally exposed to potentially toxic compounds. 

The robotic needle arm on MACSQuant Analyzers is capable of staining cells prior to analysis, making results more comparable, and eliminating time-consuming pipetting steps.

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Automated staining of samples 

See how auto-labeling uses the robotic needle arm to stain samples without involving operators, enabling higher reproducibility, and eliminating manual pipetting steps. 


Automated end-to-end workflows with Express Modes

Express Modes are add-on features for the MACSQuant Analyzers. They allow the automation of entire workflows for flow cytometry assays: 

  • Automatic sample staining and acquisition with the robotic needle arm
  • Automatic analysis, including gating by the MACSQuantify™ Software
  • Automatic generation of reports by the MACSQuantify Software 

Learn more about Express Modes here.

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Reliable data at the push of a button

The auto-labeling feature of the MACSQuant Analyzer eliminates the time-consuming step of manual cell staining, streamlines your flow cytometry analysis, and provides higher accuracy.

Automated cell counting without beads

Every MACSQuant Instrument is equipped with precise fluidics systems that enable automated and accurate uptake of sample volumes, i.e., volumetric pipetting. This provides several distinct advantages over conventional flow cytometers:

  • Speed: absolute cell counts in real time with the completion of your sample.
  • Cost-effectiveness: no need for expensive counting beads or particles.
  • Ease of use: results at the touch of the button: the counting operation is integrated into each and every automated cell analysis.
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Absolute cell counting on the MACSQuant Analyzer

It is often necessary to know the exact number of cells in a sample for downstream applications. For ease of use, the MACSQuant Analyzer quickly performs absolute cell counting without the need for counting beads or cell staining.

Integrated magnetic cell isolation with MACS® Column

Unique to MACSQuant Analyzers is the integrated MACS Column. Rapid pre-enrichment of rare cells prior to flow analysis can be accomplished within the flow cytometry instrument itself.  In just a few simple, automated steps, the instrument saves you time without compromising the quality or sensitivity of your rare cell analyses.

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Automated flow cytometric analysis of rare cells

See how the robotic needle arm helps to stain samples with MACS® Microbeads and subsequently performs magnetic isolation with the integrated MACS Column.


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MACSQuant Flow Cytometers – Engineering the future of automation

Download the brochure to find out more about our MACSQuant Flow Cytometry solutions.

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Express Modes – Reliable data at the push of a button

Learn about our unique Express Mode software tools and find out how they can help you standardize your flow cytometry analyses.

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High-throughput genotoxicity assays

Download the application note to learn how high-throughput genotoxicity assays can be easily and reliably achieved on MACSQuant Analyzers.

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