TCRγ/δ+ T Cell Isolation Kit, human

T Cell Isolation Kit
, human

The TCRγ/δ
T Cell Isolation Kit was developed for the isolation of untouched human γ/δ
T cells from PBMCs.

Background information

TCRγ/δ is expressed in less than 10% of human peripheral blood T cells. During the immune response γ/δ T cells are able to recognize the antigen directly and not as peptide-MHC complex.

Detailed separation procedure

The non-γ/δ T cells are indirectly magnetically labeled with a cocktail of biotinylated monoclonal antibodies and Anti-Biotin MicroBeads. The magnetically labeled non-TCRγ/δ
cells are retained in a MACS
Column in the magnetic field of a MACS Separator, while the unlabeled γ/δ T cells pass through the column.

Downstream applications

The TCRγ/δ
T Cell Isolation Kit can be used for functional studies on γ/δ T cells when direct magnetic labeling of surface molecules could interfere with downstream applications, e.g., phenotypical and functional analysis such as studies on cytokine expression and receptor signaling, antigen recognition and cytotoxicity.


MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
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