REAlease® CD8 MicroBead Kit, human

CD8 MicroBead Kit
, human

The REAlease
CD8 MicroBead Kit has been developed for positive selection of CD8
T cells from PBMCs. The kit contains an indirect magnetic labeling system for obtaining target cells free of MicroBeads and REAlease Biotin Complex.

Background information

The CD8 antigen forms a complex together with the T cell receptor and acts as an accessory molecule in the recognition of MHC class I/peptide complexes by the TCR heterodimer on CD8
cytotoxic T cells. The CD8 molecule consists of either an α/β heterodimer or an α/α homodimer. It is expressed strongly on cytotoxic T cells and dimly on a subset of NK cells. CD8 is found on most thymocytes and on about one third of all peripheral blood T cells. CD8
cytotoxic T cells play an important role in the killing of virus-infected cells and tumor cells.

Downstream applications

  • Isolation of specific CD8+ cell subsets. The selected CD8+ cells can be sorted according to a second marker of interest, e.g., CD45RA, CD45RO, CD16, CD251, CD272, CD28, CD30, CD56, CD62L, or CD69.
  • Isolation of CD8+ cell subset which needs to be label-free.
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