Anti-NKp46 MicroBead Kit, mouse

Anti-NKp46 MicroBead Kit, mouse

The Anti-NKp46 MicroBead Kit is an indirect magnetic labeling system for the enrichment of mouse NK cells. NKp46
cells are labeled with Anti-NKp46-Biotin and Anti-Biotin MicroBeads for subsequent magnetic separation.
Due to the nature of the antibody, a limited degree of pre-activation might occur after cell separation with this product.

Background information

NKp46, also known as MAR-1 or CD335, is a type I transmembrane protein with two extracellular Ig-like domains. It is a member of the natural cytotoxicity receptor (NCR) family, which triggers cytotoxicity in NK cells. NKp46 is involved in target cell recognition and lysis and seems to be exclusively expressed on NK cells. Expression has been shown on BALB/c, SJL, CBA/CA, C57Bl/6, NOD, DBA/2, and B6.129 mice


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