Anti-Biotin MultiSort Kit

Anti-Biotin MultiSort Kit

The Anti-Biotin MultiSort Kit has been developed for the sorting of cells according to multiple surface markers.

Detailed separation procedure

In the first step, the selection marker is labeled with a biotinylated primary antibody and magnetic labeling is subsequently performed using Anti-Biotin MultiSort MicroBeads. Following the positive selection, the magnetic particles are removed from the cells using the MultiSort Release Reagent. The cell population can then be magnetically labeled and sorted using a second marker of interest. This is achieved by labeling the cells directly or indirectly with MACS® MicroBeads followed by another positive selection.


The Anti-Biotin MultiSort Kit is recommended for positive selection of cell subsets according to the expression of two markers if the first selection marker is labeled with a biotinylated primary antibody.
The Anti-Biotin MultiSort Kit is especially useful if initial fluorescent staining of the selected cells is not desired. However, fluorescent staining for flow cytometric analysis can be performed after magnetic separation, using fluorochrome-conjugated anti-biotin antibodies.


MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
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for 1–5×
total cells
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