MACSxpress® Whole Blood Neutrophil Isolation Kit, human

Whole Blood Neutrophil Isolation Kit
, human

The MACSxpress
Whole Blood Neutrophil Isolation Kit has been developed for the fast isolation of untouched neutrophils from freshly drawn anticoagulated whole blood without density gradient centrifugation and red blood cell lysis.

Detailed separation procedure

With the new MACSxpress
Technology, untouched human leukocyte subsets can be isolated from up to 30 mL of anticoagulated whole blood. Non-target cells are removed by immunomagnetic depletion using MACSxpress Beads. Simultaneously, erythrocytes are sedimented, yielding untouched target cells of high purity.
Product options: 1
for 5×8
mL whole blood
SEK 2 535,00 

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