TLR9 agonists

TLR9 Agonists – effective activation of pDCs and B cells

  • Synthetic oligonucleotides containing CpG motifs (CpG ODNs)
  • Potent and specific immune cell stimulation in human and mouse
  • Optimized protocols with buffers included

Toll-like receptors (TLRs) recognize highly conserved structural motifs as a part of the early innate immune response to invading pathogens. TLR9 is critical to distinguishing microbial from mammalian DNA, leading to the activation of immune cells. Synthetic oligonucleotides containing CpG motifs (CpG ODNs) mimic the immune stimulatory effect of bacterial DNA, promoting Th1 and pro-inflammatory cytokine induction, which facilitates maturation/activation of antigen-presenting cells. 

We provide ultra-pure and endotoxin-free TLR9 agonists for activating immune cells and their respective controls, with dedicated support from our experts in dendritic cell and B cell research. Don’t settle for less.

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