StemMACS™ Cryo-Brew

StemMACS™ Cryo-Brew

StemMACS™ Cryo-Brew is an animal component-free, chemically defined media formulation for cryopreservation under xeno- and serum-free conditions.

Background information

Optimal storage and cryopreservation is an essential part of many cell culture workflows. StemMACS™ Cryo-Brew is a cryopreservation medium that has been designed for use with xeno- and serum- free culture systems, for instance StemMACS iPS-Brew XF and StemMACS MSC Media Expansion Kit XF. It ensures high thawing efficiency and cell viability and allows rapid culture re-initiation. StemMACS Cryo-Brew contains DMSO as a cryoprotectant.


Cryopreservation of
  • pluripotent stem cells (PSCs)
  • PSC-derived cells, e.g. cardiomyocytes or dopaminergic progenitors
  • mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)
  • hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs)
  • T cells, e.g. CAR-T cells
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50 mL
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