Renal TumorMACS™ Medium

Renal TumorMACS™ Medium

Renal TumorMACS™ Medium is an optimized serum-free cell culture medium for the cultivation and expansion of tumor cells from primary and xenotransplanted renal tumors. It enables the establishment of stable cell lines from freshly dissociated tumor tissue.

Background information

The Renal TumorMACS™ Medium is an optimized and standardized medium for the reliable expansion of specific tumor cells from primary or xenotransplanted human renal tumor samples.
Tumor cells from freshly dissociated tissue can be cultured over multiple passages, allowing for in vitro assays, such as drug screenings on primary cell cultures or characterization studies including gene expression or protein profiling.
In addition, the Renal TumorMACS Medium supports the establishment of new cell lines and thereby obtaining sufficient cell numbers for further experiments, such as in vivo transplantation studies in animals.
Renal TumorMACS Medium efficiently expands cultures of specific primary renal tumor cells in vitro while maintaining the,cell populations’ heterogeneity and tumorigenic potential.
The medium is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions using ingredients of the highest quality. Renal TumorMACS Medium offers consistent lot-to-lot performance and optimal conditions for the cultivation of specific primary renal tumor cells.
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