Multiplex imaging antibody technology

  • Stain. Image. Release. Repeat.  
  • Antibody complexes with releasable fluorochromes  
  • Cyclic immunofluorescence labeling for ultra high content imaging 

The basic principle

The benefits

• Allows for detection of numerous markers on a single sample using cyclic immunofluorescence empowered by releasable fluorochromes 
• Functionally validated on FFPE or PFA-fixed samples  
• Lot-consistent and reproducible due to recombinantly engineered antibody fragments 

How it works

REAdye_lease Releasable Fluorochromes are primary conjugated antibody complexes designed for MACSima Imaging Cyclic Staining (MICS), our cyclic immunofluorescence technology, using the MACSima™ Imaging Platform.

They consist of recombinantly engineered antibody fragments that are coupled to releasable fluorochromes, together forming the REAdye_lease Antibody Complex. 

All REAdye_lease Antibody Complexes are pre-validated on either formalin-fixed-paraffin-embedded (FFPE, IHC-p) or PFA-fixed (IHC-f, ICC) samples. 

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After positioning of the fixed samples on MACSwell Sample Carriers, they are ready to be processed by our fully automated MACSima Imaging System.  

In the first staining cycle, an initial set of markers is stained with REAdye_lease Antibody Complexes. (For simplicity, a one-color staining against one marker is depicted here. However, multiplexing of several markers per cycle is possible.) 

In the next step, an image of the stained sample is acquired. 

After image acquisition, the fluorescent signal produced by the REAdye_lease Antibody Complexes is erased by controlled release of fluorochromes from the antibody fragments. This is achieved by addition of the REAlease Release Reagent, which triggers gentle release of fluorochromes. This very mild treatment does not affect sample or epitope integrity. After fluorochrome release, several washing steps ensure that all fluorochromes are removed and that the detection channels are free for the next staining cycle. The MACSima Imaging System will automatically continue with the next cycles and thereby acquire hundreds of marker images for one sample. 

REAdye_lease Antibody Complexes are validated for our MICS protocol, which is based on a quick 10-minute immunolabeling step at room temperature, and are therefore also perfectly suited for standard immunofluorescence applications. 

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