MACS® Rewards Program

Reach for the gold with our MACS® Rewards program

All good things come to an end – this program is now closed. We hope that you have enjoyed participating over the past years.
Don’t miss the chance to use your already acquired promo codes until 31 March 2020. 

Please keep an eye on our website to find out about our latest promotions.
Medal assignement
Cell separation reagents1 sticker
Antibodies1-2 stickers
Cytokines1-3 stickers
All other reagents1 sticker

It’s easy! Find gold stickers on most of our research reagent product boxes. Just peel off the medals and paste them on your poster. Each reagent box includes a different number of stickers, as you see in the table above.

How many medals do I need to win? 
For every 20 gold medals you collect, you win a voucher for 200 US Dollars (or equivalent in your country) off your next purchase of any MACS Cytokines, MACS Antibodies, MACS Cell separation reagents, or MACS Cell Separation Columns.

How do I redeem my points? 
Simply take a photo of your MACS® Rewards poster including the stickers. Send your photo and contact information to and you’ll receive a promo code to use immediately towards your next purchase.

Questions? Please contact us at