MACS GMP PepTivator® Survivin 1

MACS GMP PepTivator
Survivin 1

The MACS GMP PepTivator Survivin 1 is a peptide pool that consists mainly of 15-mer peptides. It has been developed for efficient
in vitro
stimulation and subsequent isolation of Survivin 1-specific CD4
and CD8
T cells.


MACS GMP Products are for research use and
ex vivo
cell culture processing only, and are not intended for human
in vivo
applications. For regulatory status in the USA, please contact your local representative.

Background information

Survivin 1, also known as BIRC5, is an inhibitor of apoptosis and is present during normal fetal development, but disappears in most differentiated adult tissues.
The protein is highly expressed in most cancer types and shows an enhanced expression in most human cancers, including melanoma.
The overexpression of Survivin 1 in malignant tissues, as well as the beneficial effect on tumor growth, makes this protein an attractive candidate for immunotherapeutic strategies.


in vitro
stimulation of Survivin 1-specific CD4
and CD8
T cells with MACS GMP PepTivator Survivin 1 results in production of the effector cytokine IFN-gamma. The presence of IFN-gamma on the cell surface then permits the enrichment of Survivin 1-specific effector/memory T cells with the use of the CliniMACS Cytokine Capture System (IFN-gamma).
Due to the strong expression of Survivin 1 in various cancer types, the adoptive transfer of Survivin 1-specific T cells or the vaccination with Survivin 1-pulsed dendritic cells represent a promising tool for immunotherapeutic approaches.

Quality statement

MACS GMP Products are manufactured and tested under a quality management system (ISO 13485) and are in compliance with relevant GMP guidelines. They are designed following the recommendations of USP <1043> on ancillary materials.
  • Selected references

    1. Ambrosini, G. et al. (1997) A novel anti-apoptosis gene, survivin, expressed in cancer and lymphoma. Nat. Med. 3(8): 917-921
    2. Li F et al. (1998) Control of apoptosis and mitotic spindle checkpoint by survivin Nature 396(6711): 580-584
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