Tears or T cells?

Tears or T cells?

Your choice. Choose T Cell TransAct™, the next generation T cell activation and expansion reagent. 

Don't end up in tears over your lack of T cells and complex workflows. Our innovative T Cell TransAct has been developed to streamline your T cell activation and expansion procedure with a quick and simple protocol. Activate and expand 5 times more T cells with maximum convenience and reproducibility, for an affordable price. The colloidal, polymeric nanomatrix, is conjugated to recombinant humanized CD3 and CD28 agonists for reliable activation of human T cells, whilst preserving high T cell viability and optimal immune function.  

Watch the video and learn how T Cell TransAct can optimize your T cell research

  • Save time and money
  • Quick and easy protocol
  • No magnet needed, no bead removal
  • Convenient, ready-to-use reagent
T Cell activation and expansion made simple and convenient with T Cell TransAct™

High expansion

Comparison of T cell expansion after stimulation with T Cell TransAct and TexMACS™ Medium or a bead-based competitor product and RPMI was identical. Both media were supplemented with human IL-2 IS, MACS Premium-Grade (50 U/mL). 

Higher capacity

Comparison to a competitor T cell activation and expansion kit. When using a single kit of T Cell TransAct, you can activate and expand 5-fold more T cells.

T Cell TransAct is perfectly suited for T cell activation in CAR T cell research. Download our CAR T cell research brochure for more information.

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