Double-negative T Cell Isolation Kit, human

Double-negative T Cell Isolation Kit, human

The Double-negative T Cell Isolation Kit was developed for the isolation of double-negative T cells (CD4
cells) from PBMCs by sequential sorting. The isolation is performed in a two-step procedure.

Background information

The down-regulation of immune responses by regulatory T cells plays a key role in the induction of tolerance. Recently, it was reported that TCRα/β
double-negative T cells also have the ability to specifically down-regulate immune responses towards allo-antigens both in humans and mice. Double-negative T cells are found in lymphoid as well as in non-lymphoid tissues. They constitute about 1–3% of peripheral CD3
cells. It has been described that double-negative T cells can take up allo-MHC peptide complexes from antigen-presenting cells.

Detailed separation procedure

The isolation is performed in a two-step procedure. To remove all unwanted TCRα/β
cells, firstly the CD4
, CD8
, and CD56
cells are indirectly magnetically labeled and depleted. Labeling with Anti-TCRα/β-PE is performed simultaneously. In the second step, the flow-through fraction with the pre-enriched double-negative T cells is incubated with Anti-PE MicroBeads, and target cells are isolated by positive selection.


For the first magnetic separation (depletion): LD or autoMACS
Columns. For the second magnetic separation (positive selection): MS or autoMACS Columns.
Product options: 1
for 2×
total cells
NOK 10 595,00 

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