CD154 MicroBead Kit, human

CD154 MicroBead Kit, human

The CD154 MicroBead Kit has been developed for positive selection of activated CD154
antigen-specific CD4
T cells from human PBMCs.

Background information

The CD154 antibody specifically recognizes the human CD154 antigen, a 39 kDa transmembrane glycoprotein also known as CD40L, gp39, T-BAM, TRAP, or Ly-62. CD154 is transiently up-regulated on activated CD4
T cells and plays an important role as a costimulatory molecule in T cell/antigen-presenting cell interactions through ligation of CD40. Due to its transient expression within hours after activation, CD154 can be used as a marker for activated antigen-specific CD4
T cells
. Adding a CD40 blocking-antibody to the cell suspension during stimulation prevents down-regulation of CD154 expression induced by interaction with CD40 expressed on antigen-presenting cells.

Detailed separation procedure

T cells are indirectly magnetically labeled with CD154-Biotin antibody and Anti-Biotin MicroBeads UltraPure.


MS, LS, or autoMACS
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