Slan (M-DC8)+ Monocyte Isolation Kit, human

Slan (M-DC8)
Monocyte Isolation Kit
, human

The Slan (M-DC8) Monocyte Isolation Kit was designed for the magnetic separation of human Slan (M-DC8)
cells. The kit contains CD3 MicroBeads for efficient depletion of contaminating T cells, FcR Blocking Reagent and Anti-Slan (M-DC8) MicroBeads.

Background information

Slan (6-Sulfo LacNAc) is a carbohydrate modification of P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 (PSGL-1), characteristically expressed on a new subset of PBMCs with features closely related to CD16
monocytes. Freshly isolated Slan (MDC-8)
cells produce TNF-α following stimulation with LPS. Moreover, they are involved in antibody-dependant cell-mediated cytotoxicity and promote proliferation, IFN-γ production and tumor directed cytotoxicity of NK cells. Upon stimulation with IFN-γ, Slan (M-DC8)
cells exhibit the ability to directly lyse tumor cell lines
in vitro
. Additionally, Slan (M-DC8)
cells are potent producers of early IL-12 upon stimulation.

Detailed separation procedure

The Slan (M-DC8)
Monocyte Isolation Kit is based on a two-step procedure for the isolation of Slan (M-DC8)
cells from human PBMCs. In the first step, CD3
cells labeld with CD3 MicroBeads and depleted by separation over a MACS Column. In the second step, Slan (M-DC8)
cells in the T cell-depleted fraction are labeled with Anti-Slan (M-DC8) MicroBeads and isolated by positive selection. The magnetically labeled Slan (M-DC8)
cells are retained within the column and can be eluted as the positive fraction.


The Slan (M-DC8) Monocyte Isolation Kit can be used for the positive selection of Slan (M-DC8)–expressing cells.


For the first magnetic separation (depletion): LD or autoMACS
Columns. For the second magnetic separation (positive selection): MS or autoMACS Columns.
Product options: 1
for 2×
total cells
NOK 8 640,00 

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