Cytokines and growth factors

High-quality cytokines and growth factors for cell culture

  • Various quality grades ranging from research to MACS® GMP Grade
  • Standardized reagents with lot-specific activity for reliable results
  • Customized fillings and cocktails for flexible usage

Quality of cell culture ingredients dramatically influences cell biology. Consistent, high-quality products are therefore essential for reliable and functionally relevant results. Miltenyi Biotec offers an extensive portfolio of recombinant cytokines and growth factors that are produced according to optimized manufacturing processes and high standards to ensure consistent quality and an exceptional price-to-performance ratio.

MACS Cytokines are designed for demanding applications such as cell culture, differentiation studies, and functional assays mainly in the fields of immunology, neurology, and stem cell research. They are available in the appropriate quality format for basic, pre-clinical and clinical research. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, Miltenyi Biotec products and services are for research use only and not for therapeutic or diagnostic use.


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