Vio Dye fluorophores

  • Bright mean fluorescence intensity for excellent signals
  • High stain index for clear population discrimination
  • Hassle-free multicolor experiments due to low spillover

Vio® and Vio® Bright Dyes represent a family of fluorochromes for flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy. They are characterized by high fluorescence intensities and low spillover, making them an ideal choice for multicolor applications. 

Combined with traditional fluorochromes, such as FITC, PE, PerCP, and APC, they expand available dye options, giving you more flexibility in setting up multiparameter cell analysis. 

Fluorescence spectra overview

Violet (405 nm)

Vio Bright V423

Excitation: 399 nm, Emission: 420 nm

  • Brightest Vio Dye for the violet laser
  • Allows confident detection of rare cells as well as dim and uncharacterized markers
  • Minimal compensation effort
  • Photostable to ambient light
  • Stability after fixation with paraformaldehyde (PFA)


Excitation: 400 nm, Emission: 452 nm 

  • Enhanced brightness
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Minimized compensation effort
  • Minimal photo-induced degradation
  • Easy multiplexing


Excitation: 388 nm, Emission: 520 nm 

  • Large stokes shift fluorophore, emitting strong fluorescence at 520 nm upon excitation with violet laser at 405 nm
  • Significantly increased mean fluorescence intensitiy (MFI) and higher stain index (SI) compared to competition
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Improved intralaser compensation requirement
  • Combined use with VioBlue possible

Blue (488 nm)

Vio Bright B515 / Vio B515

Excitation: 488 nm, Emission: 514 nm 

  • Vio Bright B515 / Vio B515 is the brightest Vio Dye for blue laser (488 nm)
  • Surface markers, particularly for antigens with low expression level
  • Spillover into B2 / PE-channel reduced by 25%
  • Large portfolio of Vio Bright 515-conjugated recombinant antibodies with REAfinity™ Technology

Vio Bright FITC

Excitation: 496 nm, Emission: 522 nm 

  •  Vio Bright Technology increases amount of conjugated FITC per antibody  
  • Similar brightness levels to PE, therefore giving more flexibility in multicolor panels 
  • Easier detection of markers with low expression levels 
  • Large portfolio of Vio Bright FITC-conjugated recombinant antibodies with REAfinity Technology 

Blue (488 nm) / Yellow (561 nm)

PerCP-Vio 700

Excitation: 482 nm, Emission: 704  nm

  • Optimal excitation with blue laser (488 nm)
  • Enhanced brightness
  • High fixation stability with paraformaldehyde (PFA)
  • Extensive portfolio of conjugated recombinant antibodies with REAfinity Technology

PE-Vio 615

Excitation: 565 nm, Emission: 619 nm

  • Optimal excitation with blue, green and yellow laser gives maximum flexibility
  • Excellent brightness allows detection of markers with low expression
  • Efficient donor-acceptor transfer
  • Low spillover into other detection channels

PE-Vio 770 

Excitation: 565 nm, Emission: 775 nm 

  • Tandem dye with high fluorescence intensity 
  • Minimal spillover into adjacent detection channels 
  • Low non-specific binding  
  • High mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) and stain index (SI) 
  • Low compensation requirements  

Red (640nm)

APC-Vio 770

Excitation: 625 nm, Emission: 775 nm 

  • High fluorescent intensity 
  • Minimal spillover to adjacent channels 
  • Low non-specific binding 
  • Low compensation requirements 

Vio Bright R667 / Vio R667

Excitation: 645 nm, Emission: 668 nm 

  • Brightest Vio Dye for the red laser
  • Small molecule alternative to APC
  • Vio Bright R667 is a brighter alternative to APC
  • Excellent choice for surface markers, in particular for low-expressed antigens
  • Optimal for use in fluorescence microscopy applications with higher photostability compared to Alexa Fluor™ 647

Vio Bright R720 / Vio R720

Excitation: 695 nm, Emission: 720

  • Enhanced brightness with reduced background
  • Optimal for surface markers
  • Excellent choice for dim markers
  • Exclusive conjugation to recombinant antibodies with REAfinity technology 


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