Fluorochrome conjugated antibodies for fluorescence microscopy and IHC

You need a clear picture of what’s going on, regardless of your weapon of choice: from fluorescence microscopy, over ultrahigh content imaging to large-scale 3D imaging of cleared samples. That means labeling the right markers, exclusively, time after time. Extensively validated for different microscopy and imaging applications, our fluorochrome-conjugated MACS® Antibodies give you that level of specificity. 
Browse our large portfolio of immunofluorescence microscopy antibodies for antigen-specific and bright signals, reduced staining time, and minimal background noise. With an ever-increasing range of markers and sophisticated recombinant antibody technologies, our imaging reagents pave the way to new insights. 

Explore our antibodies validated for imaging and microscopy applications

Further information on MACS Imaging and Microscopy

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