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Drug development programs have undertaken significant efforts to identify toxic events at the earliest opportunity during the development process. They have moved from predominantly observational science at the level of disease-specific testing to more predictive models focused on target-specific, mechanism-based biological observations.

Identifying potential toxicity at an early stage during drug discovery can save both time and development costs and, most importantly, reduce the likelihood of late stage failure. 

Drug-induced toxicities, with hepatotoxicity and cardiotoxicity being the most common, are the main cause for the withdrawal of drugs from the market. Potential drug candidates often fail because of unacceptable levels of toxicity. Therefore, prediction of potential toxicities of candidate compounds is of great importance for successful drug development. 

Compared to in vivo studies, in vitro toxicity testing is believed to be more useful at an early stage of drug development due to short turnaround times and relatively low cost.

Check out our application notes below and find out how our flow cytometry solutions can help improve your in vitro toxicity testing!

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High-throughput ToxTracker® genotoxicity assay

Get high-throughput multiplexed data that gives you mechanistic insight into the toxicity of your compounds. The combination of Toxys' ToxTracker® assay and our MACSQuant® X flow cytometer enables the generation of high-quality, reliable results that will help you move forward in your drug development process.
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In-Vitro MicroFlow® Kits for high-throughput genotoxicity assays

Automate your in-vitro micronucleus assay by combining Litron Laboratories' In-Vitro MicroFlow Kits with the MACSQuant® Analyzer 10.  This solution enables a rapid and simple collection of data on chromosomal damage, which is required for preclicinal safety studies.

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Reliable, hands-free, high-throughput viability assays

Reduce your hands-on time with the autolabeling function of our MACSQuant® Analyzer flow cytometers. It will also help you get more accurate data when doing high-throughput cytotoxicity screens of large libraries of compounds.

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