CARAT training fellowship – John Webb

Valuable shortcut to learn the ins and outs in CAR T cell manufacturing

About John:

Dr. John Webb (55) is T cell Project Leader at Deeley Research Centre, British Columbia Cancer Agency in Canada, working in cancer immunotherapy. In addition, Dr. Webb is studying new vaccine strategies to induce T cell-mediated immune responses.

In 2017, we had just purchased our first CliniMACS Prodigy System from Miltenyi Biotec to evaluate its suitability for a multi-institutional CAR T cell manufacturing project. The CARAT training event on GMP-compliant CAR T cell manufacturing was an ideal forum to become more quickly acquainted with the instrument and TCT process, so I tried my luck and applied. At the end, I was one of five selected participants from all around the world, who met up at Miltenyi´Biotec’s headquarter in Germany.

The five-day training completely exceeded my expectations. The training was invaluable in terms of accelerating my familiarity with the CliniMACS Prodigy Instrument. I did not only learn how to use the system, but also how to recognize and troubleshoot potential technical issues. I went through months of learning in just a couple of days and felt more than confident to start working with the system independently in our lab at home. I especially appreciated the openness and knowledge sharing of Miltenyi Biotec scientists.

Thanks to the CARAT training and the firsthand view of the cell factory at Miltenyi Biotec we have already made important decisions about the CAR T manufacturing environment at our own facility since then. The participation in the training course significantly increased my confidence in the CliniMACS Prodigy System and in the TCT process. I’ve learned that Miltenyi Biotec’s technology already gets pre-validated in-house as the company is conducting own clinical studies in the CAR T cell area using the same instrumentation and reagents that are provided to customer. I really felt expertly supported and advised.

After all, I can absolutely recommend this training event as it’s an extremely valuable shortcut to learn the ins and outs of the CliniMACS Prodigy System and the TCT process. If you are active in cellular and gene therapy, I strongly encourage you to apply for the next event happening December 10–14, 2018. Don’t miss it and apply before June 30 at